Battle of Coral-Balmoral

50th Anniversary of the Battle of Coral-Balmoral

The Battles of Coral and Balmoral are some of the largest and most sustained battles faced by Australian forces during the Vietnam War. The Fire Support Bases at Coral and Balmoral, stood between North Vietnamese forces and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Bien Hoa. Read more...

On 13 May 1968 a regiment of the North Vietnamese Regular Army attacked FSB Coral. The force penetrated defences but determined resistance and courage by Australian and New Zealand forces pushed the North Vietnamese back. Over the coming weeks the base was attacked repeatedly by large enemy forces. On 25 May two enemy battalions attacked FSB Balmoral only to be stopped by Australian Infantry and tanks. The fiercely determined attacks continued until 6 June when the North ceased its actions. Twenty six Australians were lost in the battles. Enemy losses are thought to number more than 300.

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Battle of Coral-Balmoral Vietnam Lapel Pin

30mm full colour lapel pin commemorating the battle of Coral & Balmoral. The pin shows a map of Vietnam with the 4 Vietnam ribbons in front of it and the dates of the battles.


Battle of Coral-Balmoral Drink Cooler

Quality neoprene drink cooler with a stunning embroidered 50th anniversary logo for the Battles of Coral & Balmoral.


Battle of Coral-Balmoral Cap

A stunning black heavy brushed cotton cap with the 50th Anniversay logo in quality stitching.

Battle of Coral-Balmoral Limited Edition Proof Quality Medallion

Vietnam Remembered

This book makes the first real assessment of what the Vietnam War meant, on the battlefields and in Australia. When the first Australian troops landed on Vietnamese soil, the significance of the conflict was scarcely realised - but in time it was to affect not only tens of thousands of Australians who served in Vietnam, but an extraordinary cross-section of people at home.

Debate about the war continues - and this book provides the vital answers about how Australia got involved in America's war; what happened to our troops in Vietnam; the way protest against the war built up on the home front; how the 'Vietnam era' - the sixties and early seventies - impinged on Australian attitudes; how Australia received its Vietnam veterans on their return. It also looks at our country's relationship with the Vietnamese, now that many live in Australia.

It contains the Roll of Honour of those who died as a result of the Vietnam War; and it ends with a fourth edition of the lists of those who served in Vietnam.

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