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Navy Swords

Navy Ceremonial Swords

Used by and made to the exact specifications of the Australian Defence Forces and the British Ministry of Defence, both Windlass and Crisp & Sons swords ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship by using traditional manufacturing techniques and individual hand-assembled. Blades are forged from a single billet of high-carbon steel, hand-ground, hardened and tempered, and polished to a mirror finish before acid-etching with their distinctive, ornate patterns.

Each sword's hilt or guard is cast in brass or pressed in steel before shaping, mirror-polishing and gold or nickel electro-plating. The grip core is carved from wood and covered in ray-skin before being bound with gold or silver-plated wire.

Your sword is superbly finished by the inclusion of hand-made scabbards produced from rawhide leather or wood covered with pig or goat-skin. A team of inspectors certifies your magnificent sword through exhaustive and demanding tests so you are assured it is to the highest quality standards demanded by both tradition and Commonwealth Armed Forces.

Swords, Dirks & Cutlasses

Royal Australian Navy Officer's Sword

The 1827 pattern Royal Navy Sword as carried by Comissioned Officers of the Royal Australian Navy.

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Navy Cutlass

Sword, Naval, Pattern 1889. Suitable for Warrant Officers' and Senior Sailors' official ceremonial use


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Midshipman's Dirk

From $635.00

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Master-at-Arms Sword

A simpler design, this sword with black grip and rounded pommel should be worn only by the Master–at-Arms and Warrant Officer ranks.

From $1299.00

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Belts, Knots and Frogs

Navy Sword Belt

Quality leather sword belt with slings.


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Navy Sword Knot

The finishing touch for your sword


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Cutlass Webbing Belt

Sword, Naval, Pattern 1889. Suitable for Warrant Officers' and Senior Sailors' official ceremonial use


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Cutlass Frog

Essential for wearing your cutlass.


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Cutlass Leather Knot

The final piece to complete your cutlass.


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Miniature Ceremonial Sword

Navy Sword Miniature

Magnificently detailed replica of the full size Navy Officer's Sword, manufactured using the same techniques. Supplied in quality gift box.


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Miniature Sword Display Stand

Display your miniature with pride. An ideal presento when combined with the miniature sword, simply add a personalised enraved plate.


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Sword Display Stand

Display your sword with pride when you are not using it. The custom-design timber finish stand holds both the sword and scabbard.


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