Limited Edition Vietnam Bear

Limited Edition

Vietnam Bear

Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War began in 1962 with the deployment of a small team of military advisors in the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam. In 1965 the commitment significantly increased when an infantry battalion supported by artillery, engineers, armour, signals and other support elements was deployed. In 1966 Australia added additional capability and the 1st Australian Task Force, comprising two infantry battalions, a Special Air Service squadron, combat and support logistic units and additional RAAF Iroquois helicopters, was established at Nui Dat. 1966 was also the first year National Servicemen were deployed for combat in Vietnam.

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Vietnam Infantry "J" Bear is one of only 1,000 released. His uniform represents the typical "Jungle Greens" worn by thousands who served in Vietnam with Australian forces in the 1960s. He wears the iconic "Giggle" hat and carries the standard U.S. M1956 Individual Load Carrying Equipment with attached water bottles, ammunition cases and field pack. A larger backpack worn by infantrymen was dropped during 'contact' and only the lighter ILCE was worn into combat. Limited to only 1,000 bears.

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